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I’m not ok. Are you ok? I can’t think about this tragedy and keep it together. But, I will be ready Monday. I want to help you understand, to know how to be ok. I know how to show you… how to not choke on anxiety like I am as I write this… I know PPD, I know postpartum psychosis. I have seen so many heal. You can heal. You can silence the voices. You can breathe again, and love life again, I promise. I have witnessed healing first hand. But the mental health care system IS broken. Therapists are taught to sit and silence and avoid forming real relationships with their clients. I can tell you that not only is that impossible, it is not helpful. The people I have helped most in this world allowed me in, and I did the same for them. It’s ok to be a helper and love with your whole heart… the amount of love your heart can provide is limitless… IF YOU LOVE YOURSELF FIRST. Please trust me, everyone loves your smile, your check in…your company. Believe that you don’t have to relive the worse parts of your life over and over again. If you have the resources, use them.. heal… so you can help others heal, and free the resources! When you learn to fill your cup, do it! Don’t apologize for it. It will overflow to others.

You are not alone. If you have questions, need a hug… or an idea on what to do with obsessive thoughts and debilitating anxiety… Come to the library Monday night.

Words to live by to gain more peace and love in your life….

Words to live by to gain more peace and love in your life….

—I can use words like joy & peace without feeling like an imposter. In fact, LOVE, IS THE ANSWER…It’s just that we need to realize that LOVE, starts with us.

—Stop arguing with people. It takes two. Why do I care more about what they think than what I think?

—Don’t do things because you feel bad…do things because you want to. 

—Stuff is just stuff, a house is just a house…This is not what life is about.

—All we do is change, I am not the same person I was yesterday. I can want someone to change for the better…I just can NOT want it more than them.

—It’s ok to say no. Protect yourself…down time is necessary.

—I can love my family, and not let them steal my joy when I am trying to help. It’s ok to just listen and not try to fix…often, it is best.

—It is ok to ask for what I need. Over and over again. There is STRENGTH in VULNERABILITY.

—I have a lot to learn from those who have experienced more life than me.  Listen, and try to believe them. It doesn’t hurt to try, and believe.

—Life changes with an “I CAN” attitude.

—External validation is NOT necessary to boost my confidence.

—Do not put limitations on yourself.Say it out loud, and follow through. Force yourself, and the motivation will come next. 

—Sometimes you need to block something out for some time. When you heal, your mind will open and you can recover those memories in a safe way.

—There is no progress when you are too comfortable.  Lean into the pain.

—The mind body connection is real. Life can be better the sooner you believe this.

—I can use perspective to find love for anyone. My worst day is someone else’s best.This body I speak negatively about could be someone else’s ideal. We all have our shit.

—I am responsible for the energy I bring to this world. I am not responsible for how you receive it.

—We can do hard things.

What’s Love Got To Do with It? More than you think…

Make Valentine’s Day the best ever, take yourself on a date. You deserve it.

What’s Love Got To Do With It?  More than you think…

Please join me for my next Meg Talk on Monday, February 14, 2022 at 6:00pm
at The Zen Loft in West Bridgewater, MA.

If you are struggling to find a relationship, struggling in your relationship, or
just want to find more peace and love in your life, join me on this special day!

After almost 20 years as a licensed mental health counselor, I finally started to
practice what I preach.  As I have been working to change the lives of others,
I found the key was to change my own…
just not in the way you would think.

Underneath it all, we are all the same.  We all have the same issues disguised as something
else.  Our childhood experiences and continuous pressure to conformity over self preservation
have set the tone for our responses in our adult life.  Through understanding the power of
true self love, and perspective, you can find true joy.  The only person stopping you, is YOU.

I know, I thought that sounded silly before too.  Then I decided to try to listen, and believe if it
is possible for others, than why not me?

Only 27 seats available!


Workshop time EVERYONE!!!

Workshop time EVERYONE!!!
Are you ready to rediscover the Joy & Light in the Holiday Season?  Leave with the tools you need to find happiness, even when it feels impossible to do so!
Come join Megan Saturday evening, December 18th at The Zen Loft in West Bridgewater.
About this event:
-Discover ways to find joy & peace this holiday season, and real skills that you can apply to all areas of life.
-REAL TALK with a licensed mental health therapist, who understands, because she has been there.
-Understand the power of your perception & how it is used to shape your life experience. Learn tools to shift your mindset in the moment so old patterns don’t hijack your holidays!
-Exclusive holiday booster event will be 90 minutes & conclude with a 30 minute
guest appearance by nationally renowned spirit medium and holistic healer, Maureen Hancock!
(Please note- NOT everyone will receive a reading)
—A portion of all proceeds will be donated to The Epilepsy Foundation