Community Coming Together

I’m not ok. Are you ok? I can’t think about this tragedy and keep it together. But, I will be ready Monday. I want to help you understand, to know how to be ok. I know how to show you… how to not choke on anxiety like I am as I write this… I know PPD, I know postpartum psychosis. I have seen so many heal. You can heal. You can silence the voices. You can breathe again, and love life again, I promise. I have witnessed healing first hand. But the mental health care system IS broken. Therapists are taught to sit and silence and avoid forming real relationships with their clients. I can tell you that not only is that impossible, it is not helpful. The people I have helped most in this world allowed me in, and I did the same for them. It’s ok to be a helper and love with your whole heart… the amount of love your heart can provide is limitless… IF YOU LOVE YOURSELF FIRST. Please trust me, everyone loves your smile, your check in…your company. Believe that you don’t have to relive the worse parts of your life over and over again. If you have the resources, use them.. heal… so you can help others heal, and free the resources! When you learn to fill your cup, do it! Don’t apologize for it. It will overflow to others.

You are not alone. If you have questions, need a hug… or an idea on what to do with obsessive thoughts and debilitating anxiety… Come to the library Monday night.

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