Welcome! My name is Megan Anderson, but people call me Meg the Therapist. I
have been a successful licensed mental health therapist for almost 20 years.  I
began my career as a school counselor and after having my first son, I launched my
own private practice full time. Now, I am a happy wife and mother of three children.
 No, really, I am extremely happy!
I realize now that all the challenges I experienced throughout my life taught me how
trauma works and how healing happens. With individuals, couples, groups and
people just like you, I am on a mission to help discovered that we are all the same,
with the same internal struggles; they just present themselves in different ways
because of our history and current circumstances. Over the last two years and in
spite of the current state of the world, I have discovered the best practices that can
help people maintain happiness and energy even during difficult times.
I believe that if we do not make changes in morale and the climate in our homes,
schools and workplace— the next real pandemic will be with mental health. I am
passionate about working with your school system, students, workplace or teams to
create new energy that promotes wellness, kindness and productivity.

The current climate in high schools and universities is at an all-time low. People are
scared, morale can be low, and any passion that our educators have had for their
careers is being drained. And it is funneling down to our children.  
After working in a high school for over 15 years, I have a deep understanding of the
difficulties that administration, faculty and students face on a daily basis. I am
passionate about helping bring new tools, skills and inspiration to schools and all the
important people in them.

If you are dealing with social or emotional struggles on your campus and would like
to empower your community with more positivity and ways to handle stress.
Improving mental health in our schools will not only boost productivity, it is essential
for our future. 

(Can be customized for teachers or students)
*Happy School, Happy World: 1 – 3 hour talk to inspire understanding of the fact
that we’re all in this together. Learn ways to take responsibility for the overall climate
and energy of your school for a happier workplace and happier student experience.
*Your Shoes Fit Me Too: An inspiring talk on the power of perspective to help build
bridges across divides. Includes skill-building in ways to initiate peaceful and
productive conversations, defuse conflict, and inspire perspective-talking in others.
*Community Building: 1 – 3 hour talk or workshop on teaching ways to create
healthy relationships among co-workers and students. Learn how to spot
relationship-killers, boost self-worth and confidence and ways to self-regulate when
anger flares.
*The Mindful Classroom: 1 – 3 hour talk teaching mindfulness practices to help
both teachers and students “be in the moment” for greater joy, stress-reduction and
*Turbocharging Your Peer Mentorship Program: Training programs for peer
mentoring groups and leaders to develop crucial skills for handling the unique
stresses and challenges of a COVID reality (For teachers and students).
If you’d like me to design a unique talk for you, contact me.



Organizations and employees are facing unprecedented change and stress. COVID
is not just a virus that attacks the body. It attacks the mind and the emotions. Mental
health is an essential area of focus for business and team leaders.
Let me help your company overcome challenges that your teams may be dealing
with. We cannot sweep these issues under the rug. Without addressing mental
health, productivity declines, and motivation wanes.  
We are in this together. My current private practice clientele bleeds the same blood.
When I think about my clients, the administrator of a major hospital is suffering the
same way as a hospital receptionist, the same way as my dispensary worker, the
same as my 4th grade teacher and 20 year old college student.  
In my talks, your leaders and staff will learn a new way of thinking that includes self-
love, perspective-taking and self-regulation so that we can treat each other and our
customers better. Now is the time to help everyone get back on track.
*Eyes on the Prize: How can we keep our heads up and focused on our larger
values and goals in a post-covid/current-covid reality? In this talk, audiences will
learn concrete tools and skills to overcome negativity and manage their emotions to
stay upbeat in challenging times.
*ZOOM Vitality: With your team or group, Meg will offer an inspiring and fun virtual
experience that will help remote team members reconnect and feel part of the team.
When team members feel empowered and like they belong, they engage more
deeply, do better work and stick around.
*Greasing the Wheels: How can we be more successful communicators? Most of
us never learned how to communicate in a way that opens doors and inspires
collaboration. In this talk, learn how to manage difficult conversations in the
workplace with tolerance, respect and positive vibes.
*Moving from complaining to action: In this 1 – 3 hour talk, learn how to use your
frustrations to fuel your future.
If you’d like me to design a unique talk for you, contact me.


Conferences and Events

It would be my pleasure to speak at your conference or event. My colorful history,
success as a mental health therapist and knack for story telling makes me relatable,
helpful, and a lot of fun! It is my mission to reach as many people as possible as we
are all struggling in this “place of pandemic”.  We are all hurting in the same ways,
our struggles just look different due to our history and current circumstance.  But, if
you are breathing, there is a way to change your life, and it is a lot easier than you
think.  You don’t need anyone else, just yourself.  
Let me share my experience as a therapist who thought I had it all figured out.  Until
I discovered, we don’t have to suffer to help others. When you change your internal
monologue and find true self- love, this leads to intense joy that no one can take
from you. When you love yourself, you have the ability to stand in someone else
shoes… and the power of perspective is the next step to constant peace. Bring in
spirit or energy, or anything higher than you…surrender to the possibility
and HAPPINESS is yours.
Let me show you when happens when you go all in on yourself. The only person
stopping you, is you.