Movement to Momentum VIP Group
Movement to momentum
From Burned out to On Fire

Real help, real tools, real change.

It can be tough out there. So many of us are struggling. But we are humans and together we are stronger.
Help can seem impossible to find, but the answers to your pain are all around you.
Be part of a fun, interactive online class and learn the tools and practices that will help you find
more joy, positivity and inspiration, even during the daily grind.

This group is for you if:

  • You feel like you know what to do but aren’t doing it.
  • You are exhausted, distracted, feel off course.
  • You’ve tried many things to take better care of yourself, but none are sticking.
  • You struggle with putting yourself first.

.    You keep thinking you need a therapist, or a life coach, something… but you want good help, answers. Without waiting.


The more we take care of ourselves, the better we can take care of the people around us.

This virtual, mind-body wellness group is guided by Megan Anderson, LMHC, a highly sought after
licensed mental health therapist, who is raw, and real, and just like you.
With a growing waitlist, Megan decided to create this virtual monthly offering so she
could support more people in the community.



  • A series of 6 sessions
  • First Monday of the month, Starts March 6th.
  • 7 – 8:30pm EST
  • Highly interactive and fun zoom sessions
  • Personalized email responses to a question of the month
  • Each session will focus on mind body wellness, relationships and real life issues.
  • Easy and effective tools to help you feel more positive, peaceful and inspired
  • Community support as you move towards your goals
  • $39 per session or $199 for all 6 sessions (15% off)
  • If you miss a call, you will have access to the talk.

Real help, real tools, real change.
No more sitting in silence. No more waiting. FEEL. BETTER. NOW.

Each month, we’ll focus on topics that will help move you towards greater joy and inspiration:

  • Improving your relationship with yourself and with others
  • Surprising ways to access joy all around you
  • Finding the meaning in all of the bullshit
  • Uncovering your true self
  • Simple ways to take care of yourself
  • Demystifying how we heal
  • The fastest and most effective ways to feel your best every day.
  • How to move from the grind to feeling great
  • Learn breathwork practices, how to be in the moment, and believe in yourself
  • Ways to stay motivated when you’re burned out


Meg will help you put one foot in front of the other and make a real plan for progress from movement to momentum.
We will make a plan of attack that works for you and emerge stronger…all in an entertaining, honest way each month.


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$39.00 a month or $199 for all 6 months.