Hey there, it’s
Meg the Therapist.

I am a licensed Mental Health therapist with too much to say and a need to help too many people to not speak up for a change in our mental health systems.
Did you know that in school, to become a therapist- they TEACH you to sit in silence? My code of ethics teaches me to not push clients, never to self disclose, or add my own “advice”.  Do you know how many co-pays I could have saved impressive humans if I just set them straight out of the gate? If it was “acceptable” to speak freely in therapy, and make it more of a conversation? Don’t get me wrong, the old fashion techniques may have its value sometimes, but certainly most of us just want to feel accepted and human when we reach out for help, right?? The people I have helped most in my almost 20 years as a licensed mental health therapist have been the ones I have been able to shoot straight. I swear, I cry, they KNOW some things about my life, and my HARD life lessons. They open up and make changes because they feel comfortable to do that. Because I really care. And I really care about you… and yes… you…because I care about all people… compassion is my super power. The need for mental health awareness, wellness at work and in our education systems is at an all time high. I am here to reach more people and help them learn from my life lessons as a kid on welfare, to a fully booked therapist, and public speaker. 

I grew up in Brockton in a couple of rough neighborhoods and was mostly raised by

a single, working mother. Although we always struggled financially, and I spent most of my childhood watching my younger siblings, my mom did the best she could. She taught me life’s most valuable lessons through her mistakes. I paid attention. She preached it, but didn’t practice it. I may have blocked things out to get by. She taught me a lot of things “not to be” all the while being the only constant in my life. I grew up beside her, us as best friends at times.

Unknowingly, my childhood of trauma and self criticism was preparing me for these life lessons I share now as a public speaker. 

I found out that my dad wasn’t my dad at the age of 7, and that sort of theme has cropped up in my life multiple times since. At the age of 10 I almost died in a car accident. I was assaulted by a physical therapist during my three month stay in traction in the hospital…I spent a long time in a wheelchair and relearning how to walk. This wouldn’t be my last brush with death…. 

Life was difficult growing up, but I somehow believed in some higher power… and that life had to be “fair”.  That the second half of my life would be good, and it is.  Or, I have made the wise decision that life can be what you make it, and perception- is everything?

As a young girl, I secretly thought I would be an actress, or a lawyer… something grandiose. I never said that out loud. I would be the first person in my family to go to college, and I was. While in college, I experienced one of my family members in and out of mental health hospitals for suicide attempts. I saw their struggle and my heart knew I was meant to be a helper. I worked two to three jobs at all times to put myself through college and own my first home independently. I often contemplate where I learned most? 8 years of schooling for a masters degree in mental health? Spending 9 years working at a motorcycle shop? 10 years as a school adjustment counselor and cheer coach (I was a cheerleader in high school, it was my only chance at having any sort of life or coolness then)… 15 years bartending where I met some of my greatest friends? Almost 20 years in the field as a therapist? Maybe it was those hours shoveling horse shit at my Gramp’s farm when I was out of work. What I do know, is it all prepared me to help you shovel your shit. 

Currently, I have the good fortune of being a mom to three super cool children-

Aidan, Asher and Alana , and “adopted mom” to my niece Mackenzie… and my favorite things are mommy days, dancing all around the house, as often as possible, the beach and wine, also, as often as possible. My favorite person would have to be my husband, even though I may want to strangle him often (I promise, I won’t!). 

When I was young, walking to school, I was told to take a right out of my driveway and walk the long way around the neighborhood so that no one “threw rocks at me”. Today, I would take a left and roll with it. I would chance it. I will try to pave that same path for my children, and anyone that will listen. Today I will not live in fear.

I never accepted being a victim of my circumstance. I somehow always managed to have some intense compassion for everyone around me, to see, that it can always be worse. Maybe it was that blocking a lot out to get by thing? Even in my toughest days now, I know this is the BEST my life has ever been. Because I decided to make changes, because I wanted a different life. Because I worked hard. Because I believed in myself when it felt really hard to do. I went all in. I finally said it out loud. I found ways to not give up, and now I KNOW what mind over matter really means. I will show you how to do the same. 

Helping humans realize their fabulousness IS something grandiose. And I am humbled to be able to help you. If you have a need in your community for a mental health speaker, well versed in relationships and mind body connection, please contact me.