Words to live by to gain more peace and love in your life….

Words to live by to gain more peace and love in your life….

—I can use words like joy & peace without feeling like an imposter. In fact, LOVE, IS THE ANSWER…It’s just that we need to realize that LOVE, starts with us.

—Stop arguing with people. It takes two. Why do I care more about what they think than what I think?

—Don’t do things because you feel bad…do things because you want to. 

—Stuff is just stuff, a house is just a house…This is not what life is about.

—All we do is change, I am not the same person I was yesterday. I can want someone to change for the better…I just can NOT want it more than them.

—It’s ok to say no. Protect yourself…down time is necessary.

—I can love my family, and not let them steal my joy when I am trying to help. It’s ok to just listen and not try to fix…often, it is best.

—It is ok to ask for what I need. Over and over again. There is STRENGTH in VULNERABILITY.

—I have a lot to learn from those who have experienced more life than me.  Listen, and try to believe them. It doesn’t hurt to try, and believe.

—Life changes with an “I CAN” attitude.

—External validation is NOT necessary to boost my confidence.

—Do not put limitations on yourself.Say it out loud, and follow through. Force yourself, and the motivation will come next. 

—Sometimes you need to block something out for some time. When you heal, your mind will open and you can recover those memories in a safe way.

—There is no progress when you are too comfortable.  Lean into the pain.

—The mind body connection is real. Life can be better the sooner you believe this.

—I can use perspective to find love for anyone. My worst day is someone else’s best.This body I speak negatively about could be someone else’s ideal. We all have our shit.

—I am responsible for the energy I bring to this world. I am not responsible for how you receive it.

—We can do hard things.

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